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Hi Team! I’m Chef Jack and welcome to The 1-Minute Boil. Each week I share with you pro tips and insider hacks that will make life in the kitchen easier for you.

Tips the pros use to make kitchen life a breeze

Do you want to know the best way to peel a boiled egg? Or how to set up your workspace using the culinary technique of mise-en-place? Maybe you’d like to know what wine to pair with a veggie dinner. Or how to select quality avocados in the supermarket.

I’ll clue you into the methods and tricks professional chefs use to shortcut tedious chores and save time when making meals. Every Monday you’ll start the week with a secret gem you can carry into your home kitchen to achieve professional results.

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The tips are in easy-to-read text and I’ve added an audio file so you can listen on the go. It’s like having a professional chef on your shoulder as you cook!

And, okay, some tips might be a little longer than a minute. But the information will never be short on value.

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