Meet Chef Jack

Meet Chef Jack

Do you ever wish you had a professional chef sitting on your shoulder when you cook at home?

You love to cook, but hate the mess, the time, the stress of not getting a recipe just right. Tasty videos are fun to watch but don’t really teach you anything. You stress whether you have under or overcooked a dish, or if that recipe will make enough or too much. You want the knowledge and skills the pro chefs use to save time, produce big flavors, control ingredients, and make cooking fun.

I’m here to be the chef on your shoulder

On this site, you’ll have access to recipes you can easily reproduce on your own without expensive or industrial equipment. I give inside tips that help you prep easily and cook with confidence. You’ll learn to create professional-style results from your home kitchen and not spend hours over the stove or a fortune at the grocery store. And I’ll bring my chef’s perspective to everything from grilling a steak to judging a wine or evaluating a restaurant offering.

I’ve spent years teaching people to become better chefs

Chef Jack ATL is back! I've tackled a lot of different projects this last year. During that time this site fall by the wayside. Now I have revamped my website and blog. I am ready to reach out and delivery useful and entertaining content straight from my kitchen.

Food is not just my job, it’s my passion. For over 20 years I’ve taken what was once a personal hobby – cooking – and pursued it as a profession.  They say that when you love what you do, it doesn’t seem like work. Well, I’ve worked very hard, but I have loved it.  I’ve made awesome meals for politicians, celebrities, pro-athletes, and everyday people. I’ve flipped burgers and worked alongside celebrity chefs creating amazing multi-course meals. As an executive chef and a personal chef, I’ve taught teams and individuals the techniques and knowledge that make meals a success. 

Balancing my career and family life

The life of a professional chef means long hours, lots of nights, and weekends.  When my daughter Zoë was born I knew I wanted to scale back and spend time with my family.  Today I focus on catering, personal cheffing, and teaching. I’m able to pursue my passion and enjoy my family.  Zoë is learning to cook and helps me in the kitchen all the time. My wife Sonseeray is always willing to taste test. Balancing my career lets me enjoy other things like my health, traveling, and soaking up life and the world outside the professional kitchen. It makes me a better husband, dad, and chef.

Find what you really need to get the job done

Cooking, even at home, can be an overwhelming option of equipment, ingredients, and tools. The fact is, 90% of your work will be done with 10% of the stuff you have in your kitchen. So I created a Resources Page to help you choose the best quality and value for your needs. And when you want to find something exotic, I have suggestions for that also.

Videos that train and entertain

Reading recipes is fine, but when you want to see recipes and products in action, many articles here feature tutorial videos right off my Chef Jack ATL YouTube Channel.  I take the time to go through the steps and explain the whys of cooking as well as the hows. Subscribe and catch new videos and series as they come out!

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I’m glad you are here.  Join me as I bring my knowledge and experience out of the commercial kitchen and into your home kitchen.