They didn’t tell me there was going to be a party.  But chefs are never caught unprepared when it is time to crank out a meal.  My second outing with AIB Network’s Kids Can Cook was just as much fun!  I had a blast creating, preparing, and serving a celebratory meal for a group of unexpected youngsters who knew what they wanted… GOOD FOOD!

Last week I talked about what a great experience I had doing a video shoot for Kids Can Cook, a regular show on the AIB Network.

A short time after we wrapped that particular shoot Samone and the team from AIB were back in my kitchen with two new recruits, raring to do another episode of Kids Can Cook.  I love cooking, and I love teaching about cooking.  I especially love teaching kids because they just take what you tell them and run with it, eager to get hands on and try new things.

And what I love even more is making great food for a party.  To my surprise and delight the AIB team had brought along some extra kids, along with balloons, steamers, party hats, and fun plates and plasticware.

With extra kids, I let a pair of really great mini chefs help me with the first portion of the meal: Assorted wraps with meats, cheese, tomatoes and lettuce, homemade pigs in blankets (some with cheese, some without), and a cool strawberry wrap.  Then I let those kids take a break and brought two more up to make the dessert portions.  We did chocolate-dipped marshmallows rolled in sprinkles and ice cream cookies (although my sous chef for the cookies may have eaten more ice cream than he assembled!).

Yeah, I knew it was a challenging menu given the ages and skill levels of my students, but I’m never afraid of a challenge.  Besides, who want to see another kid’s cooking show about making cookies and cupcakes? (Note: Zoë Cooks The Classics will soon be premiering episodes of her baking cookies and cupcakes, be sure to subscribe and watch).

It was a great way to wrap up a great experience with Kids Can Cook and I’m happy to work with the fine folks at AIB Network anytime!

Check out the awesome video they made and ignore the clumsy host who keeps looking at the camera!


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