I’m creating some dynamite recipes using Dr. Flava’s Gourmet Spice Blends.  Let me show you some simple ways to bring BANG! to your dinner!  

dr treI encountered Dr. Tre (Tremaine Afetorgbor) a few months ago and I’ve been crazy-in-love with her craft gourmet spices ever since!

Trained as a pharmacist, Dr. Tre felt a real passion for teaching people how to bring flavor and excitement to their home-cooked meals.  She leaned on her own culinary roots from her grandmother who taught her many cooking skills.  While attending attending Xavier University in Lousianna Dr. Tre got the exposure to Creole cuisine that helped form her palate for explosive flavors.

As a person in the health care field, Dr. Tre saw how the modern American diet was negatively impacting her customers’ health, and how many lacked the basic knowledge of food preparation and flavoring.  Dr. Tre started her own catering company, determined to share her knowledge about making healthy food choices.

Between her busy life catering, working in the health field, and the growing responsibilities of being a spouse and a new mom, Dr. Tre decided to focus her energies in creating a collection of great tasting, low sodium, and gluten free spice blends.  Dr Flava Spices Blends was created to deliver powerful flavor in a couple of dashes, and make it fun easier for people to eat healthier at home.

I was lucky enough to get my own collection of Dr. Tre’s eight flavors of spice blends to practice with.  I’m going to demonstrate how easy it is to bring rich, spicy flavors to your food, featuring a signature spice in each example.  These recipes are designed to be simple yet popping with awesome flavors that will get the family back to the dinner table!

Check out the first installment of the series as I use Dr Flava Spices Creole Delight, and keep checking back for new recipes and demos!


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