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Resolutions suck.  It doesn’t take more than a passing glance at any self-help website or blog to realize that while many of us set New Year’s resolutions, very few of us ever follow-thru.

Maybe it’s the challenge of making a goal without a plan.  When we decide to take a road trip, we don’t just jump in the car and drive without plan or purpose, then act surprised when we end up in the middle of nowhere, miles from where we wanted to be, with no gas, no water, and no cell service.

When we plan to arrive at a certain destination, we make a plan for how we are going to get there.  We get out a map and plot what roads to take (or plug into Waze and let them figure it out – but we still have to at least know the address we are going to!).  We gas up, we choose a specific place to be and calculate the time it will take to arrive.  After a period to time, if we haven’t reached our destination, we know we took a wrong turn somewhere.

That’s the benefit of having a plan over just a desire to go someplace.

Recently I’ve wondered where I’m going with this blog.  Where is my focus and what content am I trying to convey?  Who am I creating it for, and what does that audience look like?  I resolved to make it a better, more consistent, useful, and focused blog.  But resolutions suck.  I need a plan.

Everyone recommends appealing to a niche audience.  Be consistent, useful and interesting to my own tribe and things like content and articles will come easily.

So that is my destination:  In 2018 create for my tribe.

The means to get there may take a little more defining.  And mapping where my tribe lives is probably going to be more of an exploration than a direct trip.  I’m eager to find that audience and share with them.

I want to show them simple ways to make elegant foods that taste delicious.

I want to impart some professional techniques, information, and tools that make life in the kitchen easier and more effective.

I want to share with them what to look for in a restaurant from a chef’s perspective,  how to plan a family party or kids’ event the way a chef would prepare an evening of culinary delight for an elite clientele.

I want to explore new places for my tribe, alerting them to unseen gems and unique locations for food, drink, adventure, and more.

Along the way I hope to discover thing about myself as a chef, a traveler, a family man, and as a person.

It will be more work, planning, and effort than I ever expected when I first started this blog.  But if I can bring more effective, useful, consistent and specific content to my audience, and build my own brand in a solid way, it will be worth it.


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