Color Vibe 5K

2017-05-20 08.53.28I learned about the race a couple of years ago and finally got the time and opportunity to participate.  It seems to draw its inspiration from the Hindu festival of colors in India called Holi.  I did nothing to prepare for the race outside of registering (no training or race prep) but it was still a fairly easy run of just over 3 miles through downtown areas of Stone Mountain.  Groups of people ran in waves and there were at least 5 color stations where we could get thoroughly doused in pigment.  Afterwards racers were invited to stay and party a la Warrior Dash, drinking beer and throwing around more color packets (the pigments are completely hypo-allergenic, water soluble and bio-degradable.  By the next good rain, all traces of the colors are washed away).

Color Vibe is a traveling 5K race program, so the race moves from city to city every week.  They plan a pre-race party with a band, sponsorships, vendors, food, and lots of music.  An emcee keeps the spirits up and the event timing on track.  Everything is designed to make the run part not so serious, and to be sure everyone has a good time.  And they do…




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