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Hello!  I’m Chef Jack.  I am a professional/personal chef living and working in Atlanta, GA.  Over 15 years ago I took what was once a personal hobby – cooking – and pursued it as a profession.  They say that when you love what you do, it doesn’t seem like work.  Well, I’ve worked very hard, but I have loved it.  In a few short years I have served as a line cook, a delivery driver, a dishwasher, a kitchen manager, a sous chef, an executive chef, and a personal chef.  I’ve made awesome meals for politicians, celebrities, pro-athletes, and everyday people.  I’ve flipped burgers and worked alongside celebrity chefs creating amazing multi-course meals.  It is work.  Hard work.  But I have never second-guessed my career choice.

I created this blog after a great deal of thought.  I wanted to bring my passion for food and cooking to this space in a way that would be educational, inspiring, and entertaining.  I didn’t want to add to the ‘noise’ by being just another food lover’s blog, however.  I wanted to find a way to stand out, even if it was appealing to a very small niche audience.

What I came up with is a blog about bringing a chef’s insight, a chef’s flair, and a chef’s experience to everyday things, but not aimed at other chefs.  I have always enjoyed cooking and serving everyday people the most, and I want everyday people to get the most out of what I put here.

On this blog you will find:

  • enticing photos of delicious food
  • demonstration videos of recipes that are easy to reproduce in your own kitchen
  • travel adventures from a chef’s perspective
  • lifestyle insights
  • an occasional review or two.

I want to bring my knowledge and experience out of the commercial kitchens and into everyday life.  Everything from grilling a steak to judging a wine or evaluating a restaurant offering; I hope to bring a unique “behind-scenes” component to my posts that can only be seen through a chef’s eyes.


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